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Hello and welcome to my online creative space ♡

My name is Ella also known as Ell, and I am a qualified Graphic Designer based in Adelaide, South Australia.

I have a strong passion for all things creative and the environment around me. I love spending my time down the beach, taking photos and creating new sketches. I have shared my designs over social media and participating in local markets around Adelaide and I am now working as a freelance Graphic Designer.

  • "Ell worked with me to create the most amazing custom piece for my father in law. The amount of last minute details she added made the piece even better than I could have ever imagined! Will definitely be purchasing more artwork in the future!"

    - Imogen

  • “Repeat customer because the work Ell produces is to a very high quality.  Amazing customer service with prompt replies, options given, and overall top quality customer service.  The website is easy to use and very well priced prints. Even down to the way the print is packaged is to a high quality.  I had a pet portrait done and will be getting more portraits done because she captured my pets likeness and displayed it with a stunningly simplistic design.10/10 would highly recommend. “

    - Belinda

  • "Ell created the most beautiful custom piece for my bedroom. Love her designs and her creations"


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